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Bc. Pavel Maňák, CTU Prague, ročník 5

Faculty Civil Engineering
Field of study Water Management and Water Structures
Field of internship Engineering, Other
Specialization of InternshipCivil Engineering, General
Internship period (from - to) 4.9.2017 - 1.12.2017
Internship duration (weeks) 13
Transport (means, price) Plane, cca 2500,- Kč for one way ticket
Insurance/Insurance company MONETA
Visa/Work permit (yes/no) NO
Price of Visa -
City of Internship Zobrazit místo na mapě  Denmark, Copenhagen - Herlev - Allerød
Internship reference number DK-2017-005

About the country

Location of the place

I lived in student dormitory very close behind the official Copenhagen boundary in Herlev Municipality. cca 12km from Copenhagen city center (40 min) by bus/train. The public transportation connection to city center was good even during weekend night hours. There could be a problem for someone, that my work place was almost 20 km far away from my dorm. For me it was perfect opportunity for everyday bike riding, which is the best, the cheapest mean of transport. In my case it was even faster. Almost 30 min on each way.


Herlev/Copenhagen - perfect connection to City center even during the night hours. It was perfect location for me because I like riding the bike and it took me just few minutes to get out of the city, riding around the lakes, riding to the country side, running in the field closed by the dormitory. It was simply way more better location for me than be in the city center.

Surroundings (possible trips, ...)

I liked running in the farm fields and rode a bike to work every day and also just to the trips. I made a trip for example to the Roskilde Fjord, Roskilde city, Helsingør and Helsingborg (SWE) cities, etc. I made trips mostly just by the bike, but if you would like to visit even the places in the other farther places of the country, you can easily take a train or a bus. Just be prepared that public transportation in Denmark is quite expensive. Let's say that in some cases it is cheaper to go for a weekend to Prague that to another side of Denmark. I must recommend visiting Malmo. There is perfect connection there by bus, and the train from the Copenhagen and the city is very nice and little bit cheaper than Copenhagen.



NIRAS A/S. Engineering company. I worked in offshore department and I was part of small team designing foundations for offshore wind turbines. The company has more than 1500 employes worldwide. Everybody in that company was very friendly, polite and helpfull whenever I needed something.

Work description

Analysis of mathematical model software FAST v8 and verification whether it can be used for the design of offshore wind turbines foundations. My task was first to get some knowledge about the offshore wind turbines, learn how the FASTv8 works, compare results with results from other software which is normally used for calculations and in the end explain everything to my colleagues so the can use the software after I left the company.

Salary (sufficient for local conditions?)

Ca 12500,- DKK before taxes (ca 10 000 nett). It was quite sufficient but to be honest, that was because I did most of my trips by bike (for free) I rode a bike to work every day (I would pay 500kr. every week if not) and I think I saved quite a lot of money for food, because I had lunches in the company canteen for 20kr. Each and it was ''all you can eat'' So I did not need to have ''expensive'' dinners. So I spend most of the money for accommodation, food, and beers and entertainment (concert 550kr.; visiting Malmo 750kr.; weekend with friends from the Czech Republic ca 2000kr. etc.)

Language requirements

Excellent English was required, but in fact it was just about to be able to communicate every time on every topic. I don't speak super fluently but my advantage was quite good professional terminology I learned in the company where I have worked for 2 years before in Prague.

Accommodation (price, who provided it)

Student dormitory - 2900,- DKK - arranged by IAESTE. The best place to live. I met a lot friendly people.

Social life

Meeting IAESTE members (pick-up at the airport, organized events...)

excelent pick-up at the airport! No bus or subway to get from the airport. We used car sharing and drove an electromobile to my dorm.
Every Tuesday "WEEKLY" - an international dinner where everyone was a chef for at least once.
Other activities as bowling, concerts or just weekend Copenhagen bars

Meeting other foreign students

I was meeting some foreign students at my dorm, but more of the people were Danish which was better because I learnt more about Denmark and Danish living.

Sport and culture

Riding a bike! Everyday everywhere. Denmark is a bike country! Move there and buy a bike immediately. BUT, do not forget to buy even very good lock and use it every time everywhere. Even at dormitory. My first bike was stolen after 2 weeks and it took only another 2 weeks to get lost another one. So I had 3 bikes in 3 months.
There is a lot of interesting museums and places to visit in Denmark, also concerts and shows good to visit.

Food, local specialties

Unfortunately the best place in the city ''Copenhagen Street Food is going to be closed during the December 2017. I did not visit many restaurants because and if yes, then it was random places so I can not recommend any of them. Just try something!

Other information

Possibilites to communicate with the Czech Republic

everything just like being home. Thanks to EU you can use your national phone tariff including even the Data

Recommendations for students who will go to the same place

Count on riding a bike as the easies and the cheapest mean of transportation. Have enough money to survive the first month without saving. To get your Danish bank account takes more than 1 month because first, you need to arrange you CPR and other registration documents which is very annoying process.

What not to forget with you

A lot of patience for the first month. You will have to go several times to the offices, banks etc. and the situation there is the same like in Czech Republic. No one knows anything. Do you like chewing gum? Take enough. It is not possible to buy Orbit there. Same situation with other Czech staff (Tuzemak, tatranky, etc.)

Benefits of the internship

Meeting new people and new culture. Improving language skills. Getting the "second home" where I can go back at any time.

Cooperation with IAESTE in the foreign country

IAESTE Denmark it well worked institution. Problem is, that there are almost no students involved in so most of the people I was in contact are already full time working which give them less tie for IAESTE than would be necessary. But those people are awesome!

Overall experience with IAESTE


Student's website

Employer's webiste

Other useful links

Other comments

In case you are going to take an internship in Denmark, do not hasitate to contat me and I give you more informations ;)

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