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Bc. Michaela Pastorková, Brno University of Technology, ročník 5

Faculty Faculty of Civil Engineering
Field of study Environmentally Efficient Buildings
Field of internship Architecture
Specialization of InternshipEnvironmental Design/Architecture
Internship period (from - to) 03/10/2022 - 24/11/2022
Internship duration (weeks) 8
Transport (means, price) Flight, approx. 10 000 Kč (depends on luggage)
Insurance/Insurance company UNIQA pojišťovna a.s
Visa/Work permit (yes/no) yes
Price of Visa 500 AED
City of Internship Zobrazit místo na mapě  United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Internship reference number AE/2022-03-BD

About the country

Location of the place

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. I visited 6 of them.
In Dubai, there are a lot of famous places, including the highest building Bujh Khalifa, The Palm Jumeira (Atlantis hotel), The Museum of the Future, The Dubai Frame (connecting old town with the new Dubai), Dubai Souk, Dubai Marina, Burj Al-Arab and more.
In Sharjah, we visited Souk, a beach site (is prohibited to swim there), and we just walked around our neighbourhood.


I was living in Sharjah, which is right next to Dubai. Sharjah is a different world compared to Dubai. They are very strict about clothing, it's better to be covered (so long sleeves and dresses). In Sharjah, alcohol is prohibited, so no pubs, just restaurants with non-alcoholic drinks. But overall experience living in Sharjah was pleasant.
On the other hand, Dubai is different, you can find shops, bars, pubs, lounges, and restaurants that pour alcoholic drinks. Also, architecture is a little bit different. I love both of the cities.

Surroundings (possible trips, ...)

For sure, a trip to the desert. Or some of the interns went on a road trip to Hatta, Fujairah, Khorfakkan and some other places. Trip to Abu Dhabi if you have time.
Also, you can visit the biggest Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark at The Palm Jumeirah for the whole day - it's totally worth it!
Or you can visit Al Ain - a city built around the oasis.
Trip to Jabel Jais (Ras Al Khaimah) - the longest zip line in the world and slide. Beautiful views!
There is a lot to do and visit, just follow some pages with trips and recommendations.



I was working for the architectural firm, but they working on everything. It's a pretty big company. It's called Bin Dalmouk Engineering Consultants. In the office were approximately 25 employers including my supervisors. I was working also with 3 other interns from IAESTE, we started at the same time and ended at the same time. So it was great, we had lunches together and we were also sitting at one table all the time. Our supervises were pretty nice, sometimes they ordered us breakfast, something traditional, or just they bring some sweets.
I was working in Dubai, so we had arranged a bus from the University of Sharjah, free of charge. So that was great, to work and also from work.

Work description

First I was assigned to make a redesign on the Emirates Transport Workshop. It was too big and expensive for the client, so I make it better. On this, I was working for 3 weeks. The second project was a little bit more interesting. It was to design a Clubhouse in Sharjah. I got the requirements and the plot. In the meantime, I was working on some redesign of luxury villas.
I am a Civil Engineer, it was not quite an internship for me, but I enjoyed and learn something new. Something from the architects.

Salary (sufficient for local conditions?)

My salary was 3000 AED. I think it is sufficient for accommodation, travel and food. But all the attractions that Dubai/Emirates cost some money. So bring with you as much as you can if you really want to treat yourself. I came here to enjoy the hot weather and private beaches, parties... :D
Some things are cheaper some not. They sell big bags of food, for example, rice, sugar, and spices. Food at restaurants is kind of cheap, I paid for lunch every day about 20-30 AED. Depends on where are you going. You can try the Michelin star restaurant or Gordon Ramsey restaurant if you can afford it.

Language requirements

English is very important, I would say level C1 (or at least B2). I was talking a lot with my friends (other interns). All of the employers in the office know English, It's kind of an international office. Some of them talk with each other in Arabic and some in English.
People at restaurants, taxi drivers,.. know at least a little bit of English. So you not gonna get lost. Also, the metro says the names of the stops in English.

Accommodation (price, who provided it)

IAESTE UAE provided accomodation. Girls and boys live apart. I was staying at Muwaileh Apartments (outside of campus). It was approximately 15 minutes by car/taxi to get to the campus. The price was 30 AED/day. And the accommodation needed to be paid in advance (before I got there) along with the visa fee (500AED).
The apartment was really lovely, we had a stove, oven, iron, microwave, machine machine, TV with Netflix,... One apartment was for 4 girls with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room with a dining area, and kitchen. I stayed with two of my Czech friends and a Croatian girl. Of course, AC is a must!

Social life

Meeting IAESTE members (pick-up at the airport, organized events...)

IAESTE UAE did not provide a pick-up airport, but we were three girls together from the Czech Republic, so it was more like teamwork. So we took together a taxi from Dubai International Airport to our apartments (price approx. 120 AED).
There was a celebration of IAESTE day, a formal event, and all of the interns were there. They organised a trip to Abu Dhabi, in which we did not participate (we just arrived to UAE). Another event was Sunset on the boat along to Creek Harbour with the view of Burj Khalifa.
With other interns, we organized some trips, for example, a Safari trip or an overnight stay in the desert with a sunrise in the morning (exhausting but great). It's better if you organize your weekends by yourself and perhaps with your roommates.

Meeting other foreign students

All the female interns were hanging out together, on the weekends with the boys as well. We organize some parties on Fridays/Saturdays in Dubai. On weekdays we went to a mall Al Zahia near our apartment for the evenings and have some fun. We tried to spend a lot of time together (all of us).
A lot of people had birthdays during my time in UAE so we celebrated them together and just had fun. We also organized evenings with food (potluck) and with random questions (like speed-friending).

Sport and culture

University offers many activities, a sports centre, a swimming pool etc. But as I wrote, I was working in Dubai and it was closed when I came home. But feel free to use it.
As a girl, you going to need to wear a swimming cap to swim.
During October/November/December, there are a lot of activities that you can do. I went to PopConMe in Expo City Dubai (I won a VIP ticket) and I saw Chris Hemsworth aka Thor. You can go to the cinema, there was a running/cycling completion in Dubai. Just follow a Facebook page "TimeOutDubai", and you will find out a lot of information and events.
You can spend sunny days at the beach, really nice one is Kite Beach, La Mer, or Al Mamzar (the closest one to Sharjah). You can go to the beach to Ajman. In Dubai, you can wear a bikini, but in Sharjah, its not possible, always ask google or someone local.

Food, local specialties

What surprised me the most, was that everything here is spicy. Even KFC is spicier than in the Czech Republic (even you select 'regular'). But you get used to it (maybe).
For a hundred per cent, you going to eat shawarma!
I tried a lot of foreign dishes, some of them at Global Village, and some on the street (mostly Indian food).
As I wrote we had a really nice kitchen so we cooked a lot, my Croatian roommate loves to cook! So I tried a lot of Croatian dishes.

Other information

Possibilites to communicate with the Czech Republic

IAESTE UAE suggested getting a local SIM card at the airport in multiple emails before we left the Czech Republic. So I bought a SIM card from a company called Etisalat. I think is the best option and the cheapest. I paid for one month 79 AED for 4 GB of internet and 30 minutes of calling inside UAE. They have other packages so it is up to you how much data you need. At work, apartments, and Dubai mall (almost everywhere) is wifi. So post your photos at home.
For communication with my family and friends, I used Google meets for video calls -> msg or WhatsApp video calls do not work here. For messages via Messenger, Instagram, and for communication with interns Whatsapp/Telegram.

Recommendations for students who will go to the same place

For sure learn something about the culture. Take with you appropriate clothing, long sleeve and pants when you work at uni (at uni is a must for women), if you work in Dubai like me you don't need that much stuff. But I feel much more comfortable wearing long dresses, and trousers with T-shirts.

What not to forget with you

Don't forget the sunscreen! Long pants, long dress up to ankles, long sleeve t-shirts, some jacket and scarf. Everywhere inside is AC so it can get cold and you don't want to be sick. And if you want to go to the mosque you need to wear long sleeves and a hijab or scarf on your head.
Some medication for colds, for stomach issues (you can't drink water from the tap).
Bring with you an adapter and extension cord - you can thank me later.

Benefits of the internship

I learned so much, it was a great experience! I met some wonderful people which I am gonna meet again in the future! And of course, someday I am gonna come back to Dubai for vacation and perhaps to work there permanently.

Cooperation with IAESTE in the foreign country

IAESTE's performance was great, I got answers to all my questions even though I waited for the answer for some time. But eventually, I got what I want.

Overall experience with IAESTE

Great! The best thing that could happen to me at uni, is to go to an internship with IAESTE! ♥

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Other comments

Big thank you for IAESTE Czech Republic and UAE! Shout out to the best bus driver out there Mr Buchari!
Shout out to my roommates Patrícia, Terezia and Anastazija! ♥

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