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Ing. Michaela Pechová, UCT Prague, ročník 5

Faculty Faculty of chemical engineering and bioengineering
Field of study Process engineering
Field of internship Chemistry, Material Science, and Chemical Engineering
Specialization of InternshipAny
Internship period (from - to) 7.10.2019 - 8.11.2019
Internship duration (weeks) 5
Transport (means, price) Bus (52 eur)
Insurance/Insurance company AXA Assistance
Visa/Work permit (yes/no) no
Price of Visa -
City of Internship Zobrazit místo na mapě  Serbia, Belgrade
Internship reference number RS-2019-1145

About the country

Location of the place

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. It is located in the north half of Serbia. The weather there is rainy and temperatures are moderate during Autumn. It is possible to get there by plane or bus.


City center is quite compact and small. It is probably the only part of the city which is renovated. There are lot of cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs. You can also find a small supermarket (Shop and go), bakery or local market on every corner. :-) There are several huge parks in Belgrade.

Surroundings (possible trips, ...)

The city center of Belgrade is not very big. Trip around would cost about two days. I recommend the Kalemegdan fortress, St. Sava Temple and Gardoš Tower in Zemun (the part of Belgrade). You can go on a trip to Novi Sad, which is the second biggest city in Serbia. It is nice and calm city and the architecture is more "European" there. Go there by bus takes about an hour. I can recomend trip to Uvac national Park also. Trip there takes about 5 hours, because there is no highway. So it is better to plan this for two or three days.



Key to Metals makes the databases of material properties.

Work description

My work was only administrative. I did not use anything from my knowledge in Chemistry or similar fields. I had to work for 8 hours per day and I had 30 minutes for lunch, so I was in company 8,5 hours per day in total. I had 3 free paid days, which I could use for traveling or whatever.

Salary (sufficient for local conditions?)

5 000 RSD per 1 week. I got the salary in cash. It should be enough if you do not travel, go to restaurants, clubs, etc.

Language requirements

Serbians use cyrylic and latin alphabet. But it is not a problem, in many cases the signs are written in both. The younger generation speaks english fluently so you can ask if you don´t understand.
My company was very international and everyone speaks english. I didn´t have problem at all.

Accommodation (price, who provided it)

I lived in apartment in the center of the city, which was provided by IAESTE. I paid 9 000 RSD for my 5 weeks. The apartment was in bad condition and there was no internet.

Social life

Meeting IAESTE members (pick-up at the airport, organized events...)

Nobody picked me up at the bus station, I had to call a taxi. And there was no events organised by IAESTE office, maybe they do it during the summer when there are more foreign students. Once IAESTE member helped me to find the company which was great. I know that I would never find it without help.

Meeting other foreign students

I lived in apartment with 5 students from all over the world (Switzerland, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Argentina). And I also met other students which lived in other dorms. This was very nice experience, we went to trips and went out for dinners, concerts etc.

Sport and culture

There are many options to go out for some sport or cultural events. Around the river is bicycle path where you can go running or rent a bike or scooter. I found a small yoga studio (Avani yoga studio) and I have to recomend it.
Belgrade is a city of night life. There are parties, concerts, karaoke, etc. every day.

Food, local specialties

Serbians eat a lot of meet. Cevapi and pljeskavica are very popular. Salads are usually like side dishes. Serbia is not country for vegeterians.

Other information

Possibilites to communicate with the Czech Republic

I had a serbian sim card and they have good prices of data. Because there was no internet in the apartment this was the only chance how to stay in touch witj my family and friends. I had wifi in the company, but I was allowed to use it for myself before or after my working hours.

Recommendations for students who will go to the same place

Very useful is Moovit app. It will help you with orientation in public transport.
If you don´t have to take a bus, just walk. It is faster usually. There are traffic jams very often.

What not to forget with you


Benefits of the internship

New friends, improvement of english.

Cooperation with IAESTE in the foreign country

They are very kind in IAESTE office, but sometimes the comunication takes time.

Overall experience with IAESTE


Student's website


Employer's webiste

Other useful links


Other comments

Serbians are very kind and nice people. Don´t be shy to ask for help.

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