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Ref. No:  AU-2019-ADE11
Country: Australia
Company information

Employer: University of South Australia
Address: --
Business or product: Minerals and resources engineering, Energy and advanced manufacturing, Environmental science and engineering, and Biomaterials engineering and nanomedicine
Official responsible: --
Phone number: --
Fax: --
E-mail: --
Working place: Mawson Lakes, Adelaide
Nearest internat. airport: Adelaide
Nearest public transport: Glenferrie Railway Station
Number of employees: 10000
Working hours per week: 37.5
Daily working hours: 8.0

Student required

General discipline: Chemistry, Material Science, and Chemical Engineering
Field of study: Chemistry, General; Materials Science; Materials Chemistry
Study level: end (7 and more semesters)
Previous training: No
Language required for training:
English excellent
Other requirements:
6 months minimum with longer duration preferred.

Work offered

Kind of work:
Modern sailing relies heavily on high-tech materials and surface coatings as professional races can be won by differences of a fraction of a second. For this very reason, it is crucial to optimise the ship’s every physical aspect to give the crew the edge it needs to win the race. One of the major aspects is the flow of water over the ship’s hull and the resulting drag. This drag plays a major role, not only for the ship’s speed but also its manoeuvrability and stability. However, the drag desired may not be the same across all components of the ship and thus “one size” does not fit all. For this very reason, we aim to use atmospheric plasma polymerization to create a thin, robust and well-adherent layer that can be varied by the deposition conditions to tailor the hull’s drag according to the location’s need.

For this full-time, multi-faceted and interdisciplinary project, we are looking for a highly motivated, self-driven, independent and creative student. Eagerness to learn and willingness to report frequently is a pre-requisite. Ideally the student has previous experience in chemistry, and/or materials and/or plasma.

The internship will take place at the University of South Australia at the Mawson Lakes campus which is ranked top 50 under 50 (QS, WUR and THE) for a duration of a minimum of 6 months with the possibility of extending up to 12 months. During the internship, a stipend of AUD350 per week (tax-free) will be paid to compensate for living costs. The visa costs and flights are the student’s responsibility.
Category: Research and development
Number of weeks offered: min. 26 | max. 52
Within period: from 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020
Work closed: from 25.12.2019 to 05.01.2020
Gross pay: 350 AUD per week
Max. deduction to be expected: 0


Lodging will be arranged by: Student with advice from LC
Canteen facilities available at work: Yes
Estimated cost of lodging: 200 AUD per week
Estimated cost of living incl. lodging: 350 AUD per week

Additional information

Deadline for nomination: 15.03.2019
Not public info:
Additional information: --
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