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Ref. No:  MN-2019-009EXS-1
Country: Mongolia
Company information

Employer: School of Power Engineering, Mongolian University of Science and Technology
Address: --
Business or product: research and education
Official responsible: --
Phone number: --
Fax: --
E-mail: --
Website: www,mes,edu,mn
Working place: Ulaanbaatar
Nearest internat. airport: Chinggis khaan Intl.airport
Nearest public transport: --
Number of employees: 100
Working hours per week: 40.0
Daily working hours: 8.0

Student required

General discipline: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Field of study: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Study level:
Previous training: No
Language required for training:
English good or
Czech good or
Russian good
Other requirements:

Work offered

Kind of work:
-Industrial processes are characterized by the necessity for variation and optimization of the process to achieve satisfactory products and to achieve the most efficient and economical method of production. This work in Mongolia has the advantage for energy saving solutions of Mongolian industries and calculations on electrical energy consumes. We offer to share students’ technical knowledge in the practical experience in laboratories.
Category: Research and development
Number of weeks offered: min. 4 | max. 12
Within period: from 02.09.2019 to 01.06.2020
Work closed: from 01.01.2019 to 02.01.2019
Gross pay: 250 USD per month
Max. deduction to be expected: 10%


Lodging will be arranged by: Employer
Canteen facilities available at work: Yes
Estimated cost of lodging: 120 USD per month
Estimated cost of living incl. lodging: 300 USD per month

Additional information

Deadline for nomination: 01.05.2019
Not public info:
Additional information: --
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