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Ref. No:  BE-2019-087UGE
Country: Belgium
Company information

Employer: OCAS (ArcelorMittal)
Address: --
Business or product: steel research center
Official responsible: --
Phone number: --
Fax: --
E-mail: --
Website: http://www.ocas.be
Working place: Zelzate (Gent)
Nearest internat. airport: Brussels
Nearest public transport: Zelzate
Number of employees: 500+
Working hours per week: 40.0
Daily working hours: 8.0

Student required

General discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Field of study: Mechanical Engineering
Study level:
Previous training: No
Language required for training:
English excellent
Other requirements:
Student status is obligatory (please include certificate of enrolment with nomination).
Only EEA or Swiss nationals accepted.

Work offered

Kind of work:
Exploring the potential of hybrid welded plate girders
ArcelorMittal produces HISTAR high strength beams, which enjoy widespread application in skyscrapers,
high rise buildings, bridges, long-span trusses, offshore platforms, etc. The HISTAR Long
Product family is produced in the Differdange mill (Luxembourg) through the Quenching and Self-
Tempering process. The beam leaves the rolling finish stand and enters the quenching unit at 850°C.
After quenching, the heat of the inner section allows for self-tempering at 600°C, hence producing a
microstructure that guarantees higher strength properties. Consequently, the very fine grains can be
attributed to the production process rather than the alloying content, and thus HISTAR combines
high strength, excellent toughness and good weldability.
However, the largest HISTAR beam that can be rolled in the Differdange mill has a height of 1.1
meter. In order to extend the dimensional range, ArcelorMittal R&D is exploring the technical
feasibility of producing HISTAR ‘hybrid’ welded plate girders by cutting the HISTAR beam and welding
a standard heavy plate as the web. The combination of heavy plate material that has received
offshore welding pre-qualification with high strength HISTAR flanges is believed to bring substantial
value to the designers of offshore platforms.
Category: Research and development
Number of weeks offered: min. 24 | max. 26
Within period: from 11.02.2019 to 31.12.2019
Work closed:
Gross pay: 750 EUR per month
Max. deduction to be expected: 0


Lodging will be arranged by: employer
Canteen facilities available at work: No
Estimated cost of lodging: 400 EUR per month
Estimated cost of living incl. lodging: 800 EUR per month

Additional information

Deadline for nomination: 21.04.2019
Not public info:
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