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Ref. No:  BE-2019-054VUB
Country: Belgium
Company information

Employer: von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Address: --
Business or product: see our website : www.vki.ac.be
Official responsible: --
Phone number: --
Fax: --
E-mail: --
Website: http://www.vki.ac.be
Working place: Brussels
Nearest internat. airport: Brussels Airport
Nearest public transport: --
Number of employees: 105
Working hours per week: 38.0
Daily working hours: 7.5

Student required

General discipline: Engineering, Other
Mechanical Engineering
Field of study: Engineering, General; Engineering Physics/Applied Physics.; Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering; Nuclear Engineering; Nanotechnology; Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering; Fluid Dynamics
Study level:
Previous training: No
Language required for training:
English excellent or
French good
Other requirements:
If trainee needs visa, student status is obligatory.
Trainee needs to apply through the online system on https://enrolment.vki.ac.be/stp/signin/.
Applications can only made by citizens of one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania.

Work offered

Kind of work:
The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI) offers a hands-on training to university students in engineering, physics or mathematics, involving active participation in a guided research projects.

Initially the student will be monitored on a daily basis, through the assignment of concrete tasks of growing complexity and the definition of feasible deadlines. As the student becomes more independent, he will be asked to present his work on a weekly basis, with the purpose of discussing on the research evolution, methods and long term goals.

See list of proposed topics in the short training registration platform https://www.vki.ac.be/index.php/education-mainmenu-53/stagiaire-program-mainmenu-60/general-information
Category: Research and development
Number of weeks offered: min. 6 | max. 12
Within period: from 02.01.2019 to 20.12.2019
Work closed: from 21.12.2019 to 02.01.2020
Gross pay: 300 EUR per month
Max. deduction to be expected: 0


Lodging will be arranged by: IAESTE
Canteen facilities available at work: Yes
Estimated cost of lodging: 400 EUR per month
Estimated cost of living incl. lodging: 800 EUR per month

Additional information

Deadline for nomination: 21.04.2019
Not public info:
Additional information: --
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